How to behave during the flat tour

The sale of any property will not be done without inspection. From the seller's point of view, it is advisable to follow several principles. It is proven that emotions play a stronger role than logic when buying real estate.

The inspection is led by a broker, not you

Keep in mind that the inspection is led by your real estate agent (broker). Therefore, limit yourself only to the usual social minimum, such as greetings, etc. Experience confirms that excessive cordiality, an effort to provide detailed information or offer food or drink is more detrimental. The interested party does not even expect such a procedure.

Do not disturb the cient

Do everything possible so that the cient can take on the role of the future owner. Allow him a peaceful tour without disturbing moments. The cient should not feel like an uninvited visit or someone disturbing the hosts.

Do not take off or offer slippers

The cient is not invited! It causes him stress, discomfort and he feels subordinate to you in the apartment or in the house. Sliding into slippers is not suitable either. This habit causes conflicting reactions, especially in foreigners.

Pretend you're out of the game

It is ideal if the seller and his family members do not attend the inspection. The broker has "free hands" and the buyer feels comfortable. Both can talk openly about the property without worrying about the reactions of the seller - and most importantly, directly in the property. It doesn't matter what the seller thinks about his house - the buyer buys the house and the broker needs to find out his opinions (the real ones, not expressed in the etiquette) as soon as possible. If you have already decided to take part in the inspection, try to stay afloat and limit your role to greeting and possible assistance in making the property available at the request of the broker. It is unpleasant for the applicant if a domestic master or mistress is holding on to his heels, so wait in the next room or outside the house.

Less is sometimes more

It is ideal if your real estate representative communicates with the cient. Every professional real estate agent is trained in various forms of communication. It can handle even the most demanding and manipulative applicants. The seller should not be "drawn" into premature discussions, for example about price reductions, he could rather harm the whole sale process (and himself). We also recommend not to open topics related to politics, religion, etc. at all.
Small children and pets out of reach

During the inspection, close all animals securely, resp. keep them out of the house. Not everyone likes cats or dogs. Many people have various allergies or phobias. Even if you are convinced that a family pet is completely harmless, foreign people may not feel that way and they will subconsciously feel tense. Realize that the cient needs to focus on completely different things than avoiding animals. The same applies to small children, although they are cute, which is why they can inappropriately distract the attention of those interested.

Final obligation

After the inspection, the broker can ask you to sign a report on the inspection. This is the registration obligation of a professional broker, who will end the visit with you.


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