We do training for the public, even "tailor-made" for real estate companies.

They were satisfied with our trainings, for example:

p .. G. Balloková, director of real. estate agency Immonaut, s.r.o.

p. J. Silva, Director of RE / MAX Dynamic s.r.o.

p. D.Hahn, director of the real estate company ADOLIA, a.s.

p. M. Kirová, a beginner broker, completed a course for the public

p. J. Janík, a beginner broker, completed a course for the public


The training had a positive effect on me, I learned the broader procedure of implementing the actions necessary for the work of a broker, especially in terms of detailed procedures taken from the practice of Ms. Lacková. We resolved the holes in the system of this work and the questions I needed to answer. I definitely recommend it for every broker.

Dušan Benkovský, real estate broker, RE / MAX Dynamic


Personally, I really enjoyed the training. As a beginner in this field, I gained a lot of useful information and advice. I gained an overview of the progress of the trade. I liked the form of interpretation and the possibility of involvement. The prepared documents were really clear and nicely prepared. I will definitely use the acquired information in practice.

Eva Husarová., Real estate broker, RE / MAX Dynamic


I was satisfied with the training, as it provided us with a lot of useful information from the practice of a real estate agent. We learned what to look out for when recruiting individual typesreal estate so that we can acquire them efficiently and only for sale real estate. She also benefited from her lecture in terms of reducing our costs by better organizing our time and logistics.

J. Petrufová, real estate broker, RE / MAX Dynamic


I consider cooperation with your company to be highly professional. I especially appreciate the promptness and quality of the training of employees in ADOLIA, a.s. I evaluate the services you have provided to us at a high professional level and I believe that our cooperation will continue to be just as successful.

p. D. Hahn, Chairman of the Board, ADOLIA, a.s.