The transfer process of ownership of real estate


1. Establishing cooperation.

2. Recruitment and documentation of real estate.

3. Real estate promotion.

4. Real estate inspections with interested parties.

5. Real estate reservation (signing of the reservation contract).

    5U1 Acts related to financing a purchase through a loan (preparation of an expert opinion for a bank).

    5U2 Description of the loan agreement (buyer).

    5U3 Signing of the lien contract (seller) and registration of the deposit of the lien in the cadastre.

6. Signing the purchase contract (with a notary, registrar or lawyer).

   6H Payment of the purchase price (to bank or notary deposit).

7. Submission of a proposal for registration in the real estate cadastre.

   7U Proof of the signed purchase contract and title deed (for the purpose of drawing a loan on the seller's account).

8. Legal registration of ownership in the cadastre (in favor of the buyer).

   8H Supporting documents (notary, bank) for the purpose of releasing the purchase price from custody or binding.

9. Protocol transfer of real estate.

10. Transcript of media (when transferring the apartment also a statement from the administrator).


"U" - the steps with this additional letter apply if the purchase price is financed from the mortgage loan.

"H" - the steps with this additional letter apply if the purchase price is paid through bank voting or custody with a notary / lawyer.


Source: Real Estate Union brochure: "Sale, purchase, rental of real estate",